What is Astrology?

Astrology is a rich, sophisticated, symbolic language that can be used explore a wide variety of areas: it is the study of the nature of time as measured by the motions of the planets.

I know John Frawley uses that definition too but I did come up with it independently. Planetary positions are one way of measuring where we are. I do not think that the planets cause anything; their positions are descriptive and symbolic. Planetary movements match our experiences and they are both following movements in essence, the quality which both we and the planets partake of. That’s what we really mean when we say Venus rules sweet things. Both Venus and sugar partake of the same essence.

This quote from Dr Yeshi Donden emphasises this intrinsic connectedness of man and the universe:

Health is the proper relationship between the microcosm, which is man, and the macrocosm which is the universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship.

Dr Yeshi Donden, physician to the Dalai Lama

Astrology tells us the nature of a particular moment in time. What energies are currently fruitful? In which direction is the cosmic flow pointing? These are questions that astrology can address and the answers provided at and can help us plan how we move our lives forward in the year 2015 and beyond. Matching the energies that are around us with our plans and actions can align us with what some may call the higher purpose of the universe. If the energy of the coming year calls for consolidation, discipline and review then a plan to expand internationally wouldn’t sit well with the prevailing planetary mood.

That’s all very well but what about birth charts I hear you ask? Well the same logic holds. You can regard an individual, event or organisation as being similar to a knot of time. I think that phrase has already been used…

The planets are continually in motion and form angular relationships with each other through time. These are astrological cycles and they can tell us a great deal. This is true whether considering our physical vitality or our societies woes. If we are in tune with the nature of the time and have an awareness of that zeitgeist and so begin to understand its nature, then we can plan our actions accordingly and begin to understand the context of the place in which we find ourselves. Going against natural rhythms is hard work: ask anyone who has worked nights for an extended period.

Astrology is an ancient art/science that is as old as humanity itself. No civilization has developed without a version of Astrology and for many years it was intertwined with other branches of learning and considered requisite for most professions i.e. medicine, law, astronomy.

Astrology takes the date, time and place of birth and with that information constructs a model of the universe representing the heavens as seen from that place – the personal view of the universe of what ever it is that we are looking at. It is the interpretation of these symbols as represented in the birthchart that is the backbone of Astrology.

No one really knows how astrology works but many have found that applying its tools and techniques has benefited many people. The mechanics are certainly fascinating but we should not dismiss using and applying astrology just because we don’t understand its exact mechanism.